Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

Last week my mission hit a new level of insanity. The evening started with dinner, and when I say dinner I mean way too much sangria. After dinner me and four girlfriends decided to check out "Ladies Night" at Billy Bobs. I had never been to Billy Bobs on a Thursday so I'm not sure what it's like normally but this night was magical. It turns out on "Ladies Night" the men come out in droves. They were everywhere. The ratio was definitely in my favour. The only thing is for some reason that night when I would make my awkward eye contact, the men would do something they normally don't do, they approached me. This was a new experience. I adapted poorly. I told multiple men that I am in fact afraid of men. Two separate men ensured me that they were not rapist. Oh good. One man even touched me (where my bathing suit covers) when he walked by, not cool. There were two men that were very persistent. I danced with the first one, I'll call him White Shirt. He was a crazy odd dancer but it was fun. There is video of it that I will not be posting. Then  I talked with the other one, we'll call him Red Shirt, at the bar for a couple of minutes and he seemed pretty normal. He challenged me to some trivia, which as a nerd was right up my alley. He didn't ask me for my number or anything so I was hopeful that he would kijiji me. Unfortunately he didn't. Instead of getting kijiji weird he got crazy ex boyfriend* weird.

White Shirt and I danced a second time and Red Shirt stood a foot and a half behind us following us around the dance floor. White (yeah, I've given the nicknames nicknames) thought he was my ex. It was all very uncomfortable but the night was over so I was about to make my escape...

 As me and the girls walk out the door the bouncers all rush past us. Why? Because Red and White and all their stupid manly friends were fighting in the parking lot. There was a man lying on the ground unconscious and bleeding from the head. Of course being with a group of nurses they all went into life saving mode while I  stood back and waited for a cab. Yes, I'm a nurse too, but I am an apathetic nurse. I am still baffled by the whole situation. I mean I think I'm pretty great, but I'm definitely not bar fight material. So blood was shed and still no Missed Connection. This is crap.

*I don't date so I don't have any ex boyfriends so I am just assuming. I've seen romantic comedies so I'm pretty sure this is an accurate assessment.

-Miss Connection

UPDATE: This morning I got several messages regarding this post. It turns out that a man was seriously injured and may have even died in a bar fight outside of Billy Bobs last week. This occurred two days after the bar fight I wrote about. The two are not connected in any way and I am not trying to make light of a sad situation. Violence doesn't solve anything. Thoughts go out to the injured man and his family.
-Miss Connection 


I Need Your Help!!

A few of the surveys I sent to the lovely lonely people on kijiji have come back and the main thing I have noticed is that I might be too old for this. All three people that have responded to my survey have been younger than 20. Have I already passed my peak when it comes too free local personal ads? I need to up my game, that's where you come in. I need suggestions of places you want me to go to perv on men in hopes of landing a missed connection. You can leave your suggestions in the comments section of this post or on twitter at @missconnection_ or my personal account @a_hoyhoy I will try to do all reasonable suggestions unless they include bathing suits, breaking the law, or physical contact. Thank you so much for your help! -Miss Connection


Halfway Point

This year is flying by! I am 6 months into my challenge to be miss connected. I have had absolutely no luck so far, so I have decided to up my game. I have sent out a survey to the people on kijiji that have posted missed connections. I figure with proper research I can increase my chances of finding myself featured in a kijiji ad. The only problem with my survey is that people don't want to answer my questions. I sent out 30 surveys and have only gotten one response, so I have had to study hundreds of missed connections to gather my own data. I have found that almost all the missed connections posted are posted by men looking for women, so at least I am doing one thing right by not having a y chromosome. The other things I am doing right: driving, having hair, grocery shopping, eating at fast food establishments, and leaving my house on occasion. Hopefully, this will be enough. The first six months have been incredibly awkward but I have had a blast. I am going to try some new strategies for the rest of the year. Wish me luck!
-Miss Connection