It's A Sad Day For A Sad Girl

I regret to inform you that I am not the girl in the teal peacoat. I mean I am a girl in a teal peacoat but I am not THE girl in a teal peacoat. I heard back from the man that posted the Craigslist ad and I was unfortunately going the wrong direction on the train. He was very nice and wished me luck finding my missed connection. I guess I shoulda known better than to put my hope in Craigslist when Kijiji has been so good to me. I have 2 and a half months before my year of perving is over so I guess I need to up my game. I'm also taking suggestions for my 2013 blog challenge. Remember I have literally no pride so be creative!
-Miss Connection


This Might Be Legit

Wednesday night I went to see Bob Dylan at the Saddledome. It was a great concert but something happened on my way to the show. I left from school on the train and sat across from a man that I would guess is my age...which probably means he's 16 because that's my luck...but anyways we made the most awkward eye contact probably 34 times in the 10 minutes we were on the train together. We would make eye contact for a second and then we'd both quickly look at our phones. I was wearing a teal pea coat. Why am I telling you what I was wearing? Because...

I think I've been Craigslisted!

C Train Oct 10 - m4w

Date: 2012-10-10, 9:50PM MDT  kzcrt-3330765625@pers.craigslist.org

To the young lady with the teal peacoat on the train this afternoon, I would just lke to say that you are truely beguiling, and made my transit all better.
PostingID: 3330765625

There is a good chance that 800 other C-train riders were also wearing teal pea coats. I have sent a reply to this ad so stay tuned!
-Miss Connection