Please Don't Stab Me

Last week I had some crazy train adventures. No, I didn't get a missed connection but I definitely got some action...in a very non sexual way. Monday morning 2 drunk men got on the train a couple stops after I did. One of them stood over me in a very intimidating way and then proceeded to go through my school bag. He didn't take anything but I was terrified. His friend called him away and they began terrorizing an off duty transit worker. The man that had gone through my things put his hand up to the transit workers head and mimed shooting him. This was unnerving. Of course being the type of person who is drunk at 11 on a Monday morning he was also the type of person who falls asleep on the train. Once he was asleep the transit worker called the police. The man woke up while the phone call was in process and he started yelling about how he had a knife. Thankfully his equally intoxicated friend pulled him off the train at the next stop. I've never been so homesick for my small town in my life.

Friday morning a 19ish year old boy passed out on the train. Me being the worlds worst nurse had the slowest reaction time ever. By the time I got to the guy he was conscious and really didn't need my help. So I just helped him up to a seat. I don't think the train people believed me when I said I was a nurse since I was dressed up like a classmate (it was his birthday and we all agreed to dress like him as a surprise). I was wearing a Ninja Turtle hat, long johns instead of pants, and a Ninja Turtle t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. This outfit doesn't really inspire confidence.

So no missed connection but there was a missed mugging and a missed medical emergency...I'm getting closer!
-Miss Connection