New City, New Risks

I started to write this post in January and never finished it but I haven't written in a while so here it is 2 months later...

I went to Denver for 5 weeks for my radio internship. The city was amazing but my first couple days were iffy. I have no sense of direction and I had to navigate my way through a new city. I figured out transit pretty quickly, but not before googling the crime rates in Denver...you should never google crime rates before getting on a train. When I got off my train, I realized I had no clue how to get to the radio station. Luckily I saw a man standing on top of one of those windowless vans you should never get into because you've seen Silence of the Lambs and enough episodes of Dateline to know only murder happens in those vans.

Well I went against all my paranoid common sense and asked the man for directions...he offered me a ride. Obviously I didn't accept the ride...is what you would expect me to say, right?! Well, I got into his van. Once I was in he had to latch my door from the inside which was a bit alarming. What was more alarming was the guy in the back who popped his head out when I was just starting to realize how dumb I am. 

I decided if I was going to be murdered, they wouldn't get away with it. I started leaving my finger prints on different surfaces in the van. Then I casually pulled out a few hairs and put them on the floor mats, DNA everywhere. I remembered an episode of 48 Hours Mystery where the victim did that and that's how they caught the van driving scum. I also remembered hearing that attackers are less likely to kill you if you tell them things about yourself. Unfortunately for me I am awkward and essentially told them that I'm from another country and no one really knows where I am. Yeah I should've been murdered just because I'm and idiot. 

Long story short, the men dropped me off at work and wished me luck on my first day. 

Apparently some windowless van drivers work for a uniform company and aren't murderers. 

Now I can cross hitchhiking off my bucket list. 
-Miss Connection