Break Ups Bite

I'm going through a tough break up.

I'm not one to air out my personal life in public but I feel like I've been wronged, more importantly we've all been wronged.

I've been watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel for as long as I can remember. I developed a love of sharks and a love of the ocean. Every summer I take holidays so I don't have to miss any shark programs. I love learning about the different species. Sunday night seeing a Goblin Shark feeding excited me so much. The next show, "Shark of Darkness: the Wrath of Submarine", disappointed me.

The mocumentary was served as a real account of a violent great white named Submarine. It turns out it's all fake. It's fake and it's unfair to sharks. Sharks are being killed off at alarming rates; some experts estimate over 100 million sharks are being killed every year. Finning is a major cause of the depletion of sharks but also, every time there is a shark attack people go out on a witch hunt and kill as many sharks as they can.  Discovery Channel has a huge audience during Shark Week. I'm disappointed they are using that platform to scare people. To teach people that sharks are monsters when they could be teaching them about conservation. They could be teaching us about how rare shark attacks really are.  Or maybe about how without sharks in the oceans we are essentially screwed. The way the over fishing is going there is a good chance we won't have sharks in the next 20 years. Discovery makes a lot of money off people's love of sharks, what will they do when there are no sharks left?

After a disappointing start to Shark Week 2014 I can officially say that I have broken up with Shark Week.  I' don't even know if Taylor Swift  and Ben & Jerry can help me through this one.

Sharks don't need to be sensationalized.

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