I'm Too Fat

I need to lose weight.

That sentence probably resonates with a lot of women. I am actually quite happy with my weight, I lost 50 pounds 11 years ago and I've kept it off. Sure, I have that 10 pound range I fluctuate within but overall I've been the same size since I was 16. Today, I signed up at a new gym. They told me I have to meet with a trainer to discuss my goals. Well my goal is to exercise because I enjoy it. That was not good enough for the perfectly muscular man who was assessing me. He ran some tests and told me I have to lose 12.6 pounds. He said I'm in the healthy weight range but he wants me on the low end of the healthy range.

Excuse me? I'm healthy the way I am but you think I should be lighter? You think I'd be happier if I had a lower body fat percentage?

Needless to say, I cancelled my free training sessions and I lost close to 200 pounds of douchebag instantly. He was right I did need to lose some weight.

I'm healthy and thankfully confident. If 22 year old Jessica or 18 year old Jessica was told to lose that weight she would've been devastated. She would've spent hours chained to a treadmill. She would've said no to every offer of pizza. For what? To please a meathead who took a weekend course on fitness leadership?

People, remember you're beautiful the way you are. Thighs touch. Arms jiggle. It's life. Enjoy it.


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