Giving Up

For a long time I was trying really hard to get a kijiji missed connection. I bumped into strangers at Walmart. I stared at men on public transit. I made eye contact with people at red lights. Nothing worked. I finally gave up and started working on new goals (goals that include silly things like education, careers and love) and look what happened. Right when I least expected it...
A freaking missed connection!! There's a pretty good chance this isn't about me but I'm choosing to believe it is. I'm a brunette. My eyes are brown. I drive that car and I filled it up that day at that gas station.
Dreams really do come true. Unfortunately, it happens when you've moved on to the next dream. So I guess I should give up more often. I'm officially giving up on my career, lottery dreams and I'm definitely giving up on love! 
At this rate, I'm gonna be the most successful, rich and in love person around!

What do you think? Should I respond? I don't really want to get murdered. I literally smile at ever person–so I have no clue who it is.